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Focus Photo Editor New with License

[FN094] Focus Photo Editor New with License
No CRC ERRORS [RAR - 41MB + 10% recovery.]
WORKING & TESTED on Windows 8.1, Windows Se7en, Windows XP.



Focus Photoeditor - easy professional editor for image processing. Using the software, you can create covers for CDs and cassettes, pictures, wallpapers, etc. The program has a full set of tools for editing images.

Also, you will be able to edit the look of images with the built-in tools. Focus Photoeditor is a good choice for novices and professional photographer, because It combines many qualitative features easy to use and configure.

Focus Photoeditor is a powerful, easy-to-use image editor, that can be used to improve and correct all kind of digital photos and to produce graphics for the web, the home and the office. You can acquire digital pictures from file, from other applications, or with the help of a scanner or a digital camera and start to work with them immediately. Try the different automatic improvement functions and correct your photos in a matter of seconds. With its many image regulation abilities, that improve the pictures appearance, without loosing any quality, Focus can be used as a strong and professional tool by both beginner and advanced photographers.

What makes Focus Photoeditor different from any other software?
• Full compatibility with Windows 7. The only Photo Editing Program on the market to support all versions of Windows (from Win98 to Win7 in both 32bits and 64 bits modes).

• More than 150 camera models supported and dozens of graphic formats

• RAW formats are updated to the latest models. Unlimited free updates for new formats!.

• Save and Export files previewing and optimizing for all formats. When saving always preserves any EXIF and IPTC information found in your file!

• Compatible with the PSD Photoshop File Format

Core of its ability:

• Quick Fix Wizard:To fix all the most common photo problems in a single step. The best Quick Fix algorithm you will ever find on the market, truly understands and analyzes your picture

• The Widest and Best Set of Automatic Photo Corrections you could ask for, Auto Contrast, Auto Colors, Auto White Balance, Auto Dynamic Range, to name just a few..

• Great Control over Dynamic Range with Smart Flash, Reduce Highlights, Dynamic Range Improver and dynamic curves corrections.

• Professional RGB Curves Correction to achieve tone changes precisely. Also available in two dynamic variants.

• Full Arsenal of Manual Exposure and Color Corrections

• Optimal Color Control with Color Masks, Selective Color, Replace and Calibrate Colors, Lab Color

• Remove Chroma, Luminance Noise and every kind of digital noise

• Top-Notch Unsharp-Mask Filter and Clarify to render the sharpest and cleanest picture details

• Easy to use Batch Processor with ability to undo the changes applied to some or all the pictures

• Unlimited possibilities with hundreds of Built-in Filters and thousands of parameters to experiment with. Also Focus Photoeditor will support a large number of photoshop compatible plugins

Editing Part:
Layers: both Image and Text with many option to customize and to organize

• The biggest range of ways to extract selections from Color and Exposure ranges. Selection features you cannot find in any other editor, plus all the standard selection tools such as polygon, free-lasso and magic wand and other selection tools like selection by drawing and painting.

• Drawing, Painting, Retouching. Great control over precise editing.

• Be creative by painting with the Pressure Sensitive Graphic Tablet Support

• Create elaborate decorations with Textures, Patterns and Gradients (up to 256 colors and in a multitude of shapes

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