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Beam (2020)

Beam v1.0.0r76s, Repack Size: 2.6 GB

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  Kód:   Vybrat vše
Genres/Tags: Arcade, Logic, Puzzle, Physics-based, 3D
Company: Binary Impact
Languages: ENG/GER

Game Description
You are the aspirant Captain Martin. A novice who just caused the entire Spaceship to crash, which is now falling apart. Together with MARBLE, your intelligent and sassy escape pod, you will have to use the environment and MARBLE’s special abilities to escape the wreckage. BEAM is a precision platformer with puzzle elements in which you need to manipulate various light beams in order to find a way out. With MARBLE’s special fog you can change the properties of these beams so you can roll on them, jump on them or even stick to them.
Find out how each beam works, experiment with different approaches, discover a rich backstory and experience the hilarious interaction between these two.

It’s up to you to help this dynamic duo escape, Captain!

Game Features

~8 hours of gameplay
Physics puzzles in a dynamic environment
A highly detailed graphic style
Eastereggs and secrets – take your time to explore