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Harthorn (2020)

Harthorn, Repack Size: 2 GB

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  Kód:   Vybrat vše
Genres/Tags: Adventure, First-person, 3D, Horror
Company: Vincent Lade
Language: ENG

Game Description
It’s winter break 1994 and schools out at Harthorn High School, but not all is silent in its empty classrooms and dark hallways…
In a sudden change: Harthorn has upgraded its security, including new locks, alarmed windows, and you patrolling it’s halls as the new part-time security guard. One night aided by your radio dispatcher, April, you investigate a broken window not into the school, but out of it, which leads to a story-driven dive into psychological horror.

Game Features

Explore the vast Harthorn, every room can be entered in a true-to-life high school.
Talking to April, solving puzzles, reading notes, and checking your map are keys to survival.
You’re not alone: carelessness is repaid with lethal consequences.
Harthorn is story driven and fully narrated by talented voice actors.
Detailed environments beckon exploration, from gymnasiums to frozen forests.
Find clues that tell a bigger story, the more you investigate the more you’ll learn.
Discover the true terror of Harthorn and whose behind (or under) it.