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Alien Rampage (1996)



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Your ship is in ruins. your cargo is lost... and you are one ticked-off alien trapped on a planet overrun by bloodthirsty mutants with the help of a handful of enslaved natives and enough firepower to level a city. Nothing can stop you from eradicating the low-life untharians who trashed your ship. blast everything in sight and you may survive...
21 bone-crushing, gut-blasting levels of alien butt kicking to complete.

7 ultra-lethal weapons
Huge blistering explosions
Over 30 festering life forms including 3 fully-rendered “overlords”
Quad-parallax scrolling
Fighting, jumping, shooting. action-packed adventure!
An equal test of brain & brawn
High impact graphics

Operační systém: Windows XP
Procesor: Pentium 4, Athlon 64 or later


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